Apex Metrology - cmm and metrology equipment uk

Apex Metrology - cmm and metrology equipment uk


Faro ION Laser Tracker increases capability

(24th January 2010)

Investing in the latest technology ensures that the capabilities offered to market by Apex are at the leading edge. This significant investment provides even more range than was previously available with the Portable Arm. Both systems can be combined "On-Site" to give a complete measurement solution.

The FARO Laser Tracker ION accurately performs measurements within many applications throughout a wide range of industries. The ION provides improved methods of coordinate measurement and makes entirely new manufacturing methods possible.\"\\"\\\\"\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\"\\\\"\\"\"

Volumetric Accuracy - 0.002” (0.049mm) at 33 ft (10m)
Measurement Range - 361 ft (110m)** diameter range


More accurate and less time-consuming than traditional methods
Frequent measurements and proper trending of distortions
Real-time measurement confirms tolerances and validates design


Lay out / level machine foundation
Prevent damage during the machine’s initial run
Reduce wear and tear on mechanical parts


Compare complex geometry, surfaces and feature positions to nominal data
No need to move the part to a fixed inspection tool
Reduce production waste and non-conformance costs

Tool Building

Full volumetric accuracy tests (ensures parts are being assembled to the highest standard)
Verify dimensional integrity and repeatability of the tool (identify or preempt tool defects)

Reverse Engineering
Acquire high accuracy digital scan data
Eliminate the need for hard masters

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