Apex Metrology - cmm and metrology equipment uk

Apex Metrology - cmm and metrology equipment uk


R&R Modular Fixtures

Recognised globally as the pioneers of Modular Fixturing Systems. Bringing cost savings through work-piece holding that is not part dedicated.

Renishaw plc has acquired R&R Fixtures as they continue to strengthen the products they take to market to support CMM Users. R&R Fixtures has been very successful for many years as they were the originators of Modular Fixtures and indeed continue to develop new accessories and method of work-piece holding. Apex Metrology Ltd continue to be in a unique position as we represent both R&R Fixtures & Renishaw so bringing the 2 companies with recognisable branding together strengthens the products offered to our customers.
R&R Sales and Engineering has been dedicated to supplying fixturing to the metrology field for over 15 years. Always striving to have the best available products – through innovation and reduced cost.
Durable CMM & Vision Fixtures
New base plates and frames have been engineered with NiTuff hard coat anodized for long-lasting durability along with attention to detail for better usability.
More Specialized Fixturing
There are times when you may need a fixture that meets a specific need or application, so R&R have increased capabilities to engineer specialized CMM & Vision fixtures. These custom fixtures can be designed to work with our current components, or as a stand-alone fixture.
Reduced Cost on your CMM & Vision Fixturing
Through innovation and new manufacturing processes R&R are able to offer CMM & Vision fixtures at prices that fit any budget.


Modular Aluminium Plates & Accessories
Vision System Fixture Plates
Vacuum Holding Systems
Fixture Builder software to create BOM (Bill Of Materials) & Assembly Plans.
Bespoke Fixturing for Complex, Project Specific Parts

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