Apex Metrology - cmm and metrology equipment uk

Apex Metrology - cmm and metrology equipment uk


Probes and Changers

Probes and Changers

Precision sensors for fast, accurate acquisition of component dimensions and surface data.

The world's leading range of touch-trigger and scanning measurement systems for co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs), plus the revolutionary Renscan5™ 5-axis scanning technology.

Touch-trigger probes measure discrete points, making them ideal for inspection of 3-dimensional geometric parts. 

TP20 Kinematic Probe with Module Changing
TP200 Strain Gauge Probe with kinematic module changing
TP6A Robust probe with M8 & Autojoint mounting options
TP7M Strain gauge probe with Autojoint mounting
OTP6M Optical touch-trgger probe for soft materials
TP2 Legacy Traditional Probe
TP1S Legacy Tradition Probe

Renishaw provides a comprehensive range of systems to meet the application needs and budget constraints of all users, from simple feature checks on manually operated CMMs, to complex part measurement on high-speed computer controlled machines.

Scanning probes are miniature measuring machines that can acquire several hundred surface points each second, enabling measurement of form as well as size and position. Scanning probes can also be used to acquire discrete points in a similar way to touch-trigger probes.

A range of solutions is available, suitable for all sizes and configurations of CMM.


SP25M 25mm diameter scaning probe
SP600 High performance inspection, digitising & profile scanning
SP80 Quill mounted scanning probe for long styli

One of our primary business objectives is to ensure our customers use CMM(s) to the maximum of there capability within the environment they are used. A major improvement can be made by introducing a tool changer as this gives the ability to have a standard set of probes or stylus modules available at all times.

It reduces the need to go looking for a set-up as it may already be stored within the changer and also increases program capabilities as changing of probes/stylii can be done automatically during measurement.

Another major advantage is that the tools can be calibrated together in a regulated manner therefore reducing CMM probe calibration times.