Apex Metrology - cmm and metrology equipment uk

Apex Metrology - cmm and metrology equipment uk


All Systems are supplied with :
 - Installation
 - Traceable Calibration
 - Training

Software & Probing configurations can be changed.

Select a Second User Product from the list below.

Hexagon Pioneer

==== SOLD ===
Year - 2011
500x600x400 Measuring Volume
CNC Operation
PCDMIS Pro Metrology Software
TesaStar-i - Manual Indexing Probe Head

Used in Metrology Room...

IMS Impact I

=== SOLD ===
Year - 2001
500x600x450 Measuring Volume
CNC Operation
Virtual DMIS Metrology Software
PC with Monitor
Renishaw PH9 Probe Head
Renishaw TP20 Touch...

Faro Platinum 8' Arm - 7 Axis

Year : 2007

Limited use in Metrology Laboratory
Calibrated Annually
Will be supplied with a 12 Month Calibration certificate

Can be supplied with Laptop &...