Programming & Validation

Many inspectors don’t have the luxury of time to create CMM programs, many write programs so infrequently that they forget the required coding, or the inspectors that were trained have left the company. Our Accredited Application Engineers quickly and reliably create good quality programs as they have been using CMM software daily for decades. The programs are normally created offline and are proof run at your Premises, however we can proof run on our CMMs if preferred.

Operator & Programming Training

Our Accredited Applications Engineers complete training to content preferred by you. Where practical we use your parts for familiarisation and problem solving, however a range of training blocks are available if preferred. Courses can be at your premises or ours, if they are at ours there will be no other companies attending, this keeps focus on your requirements, allows a more open dialogue, and maintains confidentiality agreements.

Contract Inspection

Apex can offer you more available capacity by measuring components at our facility in Loanhead. Accredited Applications Engineers working with certified equipment can handle parts up to 800mm diameter x 2000mm long using the latest CMM & probing technologies.

Operator Cover

As requirements and ability of workers to be absent from work increases, Apex can provide skilled engineers to offer cover. Our regular, diverse client applications experience means that our engineers are effective in a very short period. We have covered most sectors including; Aerospace, Oil, Automotive, Defence, Medical.

Reverse Engineering

We can investigate parts that are dimensionally unknown or worn to create measurement reports and CAD output files that allow regeneration and replacement components to be created. Using a combination of contact and non-contact methods a complete model of the component can be created.

Portable & Large-Scale Measurement

Using Portable Measuring CMM’s and Laser Trackers our engineers provide on-site large-scale measurement where it is not practical to move the component to a CMM.